In just six years, The Ottawa Hospital Foundation’s premiere cycling event  has raised more than $10 million for cancer research at The Ottawa Hospital, making it the most successful single-day cancer fundraiser in Eastern Ontario. Our riders have helped fund new therapies and the opening of the Centre for Innovative Cancer Research (CICR), and have enabled patients to benefit from clinical trials faster than ever before.

Our cancer research team is focusing on the use of viruses, cells, and genes to develop therapies that are considered to have the most potential for eradicating cancer.

Laboratory scientists and clinicians work together every day to develop the next generation of therapies, which will be customized to each patient and won’t have the traditional side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

There are currently more than 200 cancer-related clinical trials underway at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre and another 140 research projects at The Ottawa Hospital. Here are just some of our leading researchers and clinical investigators who are changing the future of cancer care.

  • Dr. Rebecca Auer is investigating approaches to improve the success of cancer surgery, including administering treatments around the time of surgery to prevent cancer from spreading.
  • Dr. Ian Lorimer is making progress in enhancing our understanding of breast, brain and lung cancer, so that more targeted and personalized therapies can be developed.
  • Dr. Mark Clemons is developing personalized treatment approaches for breast cancer, and his research is having an impact around the world.
  • Dr. John Bell discovered a number of viruses that attack cancer cells without harming healthy cells. These oncolytic viruses have been tested in more than 100 patients around the world, including many at The Ottawa Hospital, and with promising results.

For more information on cancer research at The Ottawa Hospital click here.

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