The Details

Ride on Sunday, September 11, 2016

  • Choose your distance – 50 km (closed route) or the 108 km
  • Raise at least $1,500 to participate.
  • Join a team or ride as an individual. Either way, you won’t be riding alone!
  • Both routes start and finish in Ottawa.
  • The event wraps up by 4 p.m.

Take the challenge. Do THE RIDE!

About the Event

This one-day road cycling fundraiser is for individuals who are committed to making a significant difference in the fight against cancer. THE RIDE is your opportunity to improve patient care, as well as the quality of life of our loved ones who are battling this disease.

We will be with you every kilometer of the way through training, fundraising and celebrating your success.

About The Ride

We’ve designed this event with you in mind. Whatever route you choose, we’ll give you a ton of support and encouragement. THE RIDE will challenge experienced riders while allowing recreational cyclists to achieve new personal bests.

The event starts in Ottawa with a full breakfast. You will be supported with fuel and water stations, repair assistance, and lots of people cheering you on! All routes finish in Ottawa, where there will be a barbecue to celebrate. At the end of it all, you’ll be able to freshen up from the journey and enjoy the accomplishment. Each rider will take away a unique experience, having met new friends, laughed, shared, and, most of all, worked towards finding a cure for cancer.

Rider Preparedness