There has never been a more exciting time to be in the digital healthcare area than right now.

With the explosion of content abilities, endless social opportunities, and underpriced focus in numerous platforms — there is a massive amount to be enthusiastic about.

Health technologies encompass all the devices, medications, vaccines, processes, and systems designed to streamline healthcare operations, lower costs, and improve the quality of care. Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, voice hunt, chatbots, and virtual reality (VR) are one of the most promising health technologies in 2020.


For the longest time, healthcare executives are disappointed with the lack of technology stacks and solutions for authentic marketing personalization. Indeed, technology was the number 1 concern for healthcare marketing professionals in 2018 according to the American Medical Association.

Having said that, we wonder whether the absence of technology is something which is preventing healthcare executives from embracing digital transformation in their organizations.

In actuality, we think this shouldn’t be the case in any respect.

We would even go so far as to assert that technology and healthcare represent a union made in paradise. Because of this, we have put together a list of 9 health technologies that each and every healthcare executive ought to be excited about in 2020.

There is so much to be excited about when it comes to technology and healthcare marketing in 2020. In this guide, we discussed the following health technologies that entrepreneurs can leverage now to enhance the overall return on investment for their marketing spend:

Artificial Intelligence: Maintain AI on the radar and use the concept among the principal health technologies for marketing in 2020.

Blockchain: This technology has the power to restructure the whole digital marketing system by altering data collections, fixing digital screen advertisements, and making our digital transactions more secure. It is not something to sleep on.

Voice search: Consider leveraging voice technology in 2020. There’s an enormous chance for healthcare marketers to stand out, particularly in regards to ranking for neighborhood search conditions.

Chatbots: Options are endless for chatbots use cases in the healthcare area, from customer service to potential identification of moderate conditions — there is a lot to be excited about inside the technology.

Virtual reality: VR is an excellent instrument with unrivaled engagement. With such a new technology, be daring and come out with original content which can calm, excite, or instruct your clients for optimum effects.

Advanced social media: Though the pricing of social networking management could be a bit out of the league of many smaller businesses, healthcare providers can leverage social media analytics solutions which will turn information into actionable insights.

Personalized mobile programs: Mobile programs are an excellent way to leverage user-centric relevant notifications to present relevant and personalized user experiences to individuals all around the world.

Partnerships with other popular mobile programs: You do not always have to construct a new mobile program to reach a new audience. Sometimes it’s ideal to form strategic partnerships with other popular mobile programs.

Video marketing: Use video to capitalize on user’s participation and attention and don’t shy away from platforms and apps like YouTube, Facebook video, Instagram, and the recently founded TikTok for huge potential advertising.