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At Do, The Ride was founded in 2015 to provide real estate across Philadelphia. We are very professional and provides high in-class Rittenhouse square apartments for rent in Philadelphia. Most of our business is based on referrals from past or existing clients and family and friends. We always put our customer’s interests and work diligently to provide superior support. Our philosophy is simple, do the best we can for our customers and by doing this we will be rewarded with referrals.


Do The Ride Business real estate group. provides real estate to Philadelphia’s premier luxury property business. Working with first-time house buyers and experienced investors alike, we now employ our years of expertise and one of a kind experience in the Philadelphia property marketplace to assist our customers to reach their objectives.


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To provide the best and high-quality real estate business across Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the USA. We offer a unique real estate business that absolutely blows your mind by using our services. We surely give you the best real estate services that no one can do only us. If you feel you want to build your own real estate, don’t hesitate to contact us right away.

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We offer luxury homes for sale, Rittenhouse condo and apartment rentals, and investment opportunities. Our professional is highly qualified, educated, literary and knowledgeable.


Our team of professionals possess the integrity to follow up on our guarantees, and the knowledge to navigate any trade to be sure you’re completely informed for creating the best choice possible.

How To Find The Best Philadelphia Homes for Sale

Philadelphia ArtPhilly property is hotter than ever before. Whether you’re trying to go to the exclusive and luxurious Rittenhouse Square area or even someplace more modest such as Mayfair or Kensington, it is possible to discover all types of Philadelphia houses for sale through the town area. To Be Able to Discover houses available, think about the following:

    • Philadelphia PA property is different compared to the actual estate in almost any other city. That is the 6th most populated town in the U.S. but has a very distinctive texture in contrast to other towns. You’ve got to learn about the town, its property market, and also the way to discover the best areas and houses.

    • Home deals can normally tell you a whole lot about Philly property. As an instance, if you pick the luxury Old City as your area of choice, then you will observe the normal home costs going for about $500,000. This usually means you are most likely not likely to have a great deal of poverty or crime to take care of. But if you opt to reside in a locality such as Carroll Park where houses average about $75,000, you could have more poverty, crime, or other issues to think about.

    • As you may believe you have a handle on locating and purchasing Philadelphia houses for sale, then it always helps when you’re able to find the help of a professional who’s knowledgeable about the city.

    • Never settle. Purchasing a house is a major deal, and with nearly 10,000 properties available on the market generally, there will be something available for you. Just take some opportunity to check through your choices with Philadelphia PA property and ensure you are becoming the home you have always dreamed of.

It is not important what you’re searching for or what your funding may be, it is possible to find something to your needs should you spend time and energy. Philadelphia houses for sale is going to have just what you require, so make certain you look closely before becoming overwhelmed or frustrated.

Another thing to consider is proximity to your amenities and healthcare. Whether you’re looking for a chiropractor in Burlington or an RMT in Rittenhouse Square, you should do your homework before settling down anywhere.

Invest in Philadelphia Real Estate

What’s the current state of this Philadelphia Housing Market? Could it be time to get or time to market? The job losses brought about again in the average monthly unemployment rate from 5.8percent in the first quarter to 7 per cent for the first two weeks of the next quarter. Regardless of the job losses, the job situation remains strong in Philadelphia County. Coupled with low mortgage rates, home sales should continue at a solid rate. (trends)


According to the financial statistics report from tendency MLS, the average cost for a house in Philadelphia went around $188,000 from $184,200 from the preceding quarter. They’re now 10,194 houses available on the marketplace, with 2791 houses sold from the 1st quarter of 2008. There were 44 new houses constructed, which was down somewhat from last quarter in which their houses were 87 new houses built. It’s also taking a little more time to sell a house nowadays, with purchases having more to pick from, they’re searching around for the best price now. The average days on the market in the time a house has been recorded to the time it’s sold travelled up to 74 times from 65 times the prior quarter.


Philadelphia hasn’t been hit as hard as some of the other significant cities in America. The Philadelphia housing market is really a fantastic marketplace at the moment for buyers. On a scale from 1-5 with 1 being a buyers market, and 5 being a seller’s market, the Philadelphia marketplace is rated at a two, so it’s an excellent buyers market at the moment. There are a whole lot of really great deals on the market and with vendors pushing down their prices to be aggressive, houses are selling much faster compared to one year ago.

Philadelphia Real Estate - Buy Or Sell

PhiladelphiaThere are a lot of reasons why somebody would want to put money into Philadelphia Real Estate. To begin with, This town is among the oldest cities in America with a history of immigrants dating back to the 1500s. There are lots of historic buildings which are several hundred years old dispersed in a variety of regions of the massive city. The buildings are first and mesmerizing and possess a feeling of empowerment over their audiences.

Its historic architecture is generally found only in states with longer histories compared to the USA, as an instance, China, Italy, or Mexico. Nevertheless, in the USA, not a lot of cities can equal its own architecture. Philadelphia’s lovely old properties allow you to recall that America, believed a comparatively newer nation, has a powerful and profound history and is the birthplace of America.

Purchasing Philadelphia property could be of interest to art lovers too. It’s also getting the art centre of America. The University of the Arts, one of the primary arts colleges in America, is located here. This college has played a significant part in the previous ten years in marketing this town as a top city in the arts. There’s also a massive mural program from a town called the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts program. Since this program started in 1984, they’ve painted 2,400 murals on the sides of buildings. This has included an artistic view to livening up the old buildings in town.

Additionally, the newly constructed building known as the Kimmel Center has additional significance to the artistic movement. The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ballet, Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, American Theater Arts for Youth, PHILADANCO, Philadelphia Chamber Music Society and Peter Nero and the Philly Pops.

Another motive for investing in Philadelphia property is that Philadelphia is it is a city of brotherly love.

The neighbourhood associations which are developed when living here are priceless. Yes, Philadelphians are proven to be somewhat rough but do not allow their poker faces to fool you. They’re extremely pleased with the people and are constantly trying to assist one another. If you live here you’ll feel as if you belong to something. Though most houses are row house design and space is tight, this increases the exceptional experience.

Another motive for investing in Philadelphia property is your advantage. This town is suitable for anything you would like. If you’re driving, the convenience factor is higher.

The nightlife can be quite enjoyable. There are lots of nightclubs and pubs along Columbus Boulevard, South Street, and several other areas throughout town.

The last reason for investing in real estate here is its own worth. The actual estate market here was significantly underpriced for several years in contrast to the neighbour New York. If you’re just beginning and do not have a lot of cash, there are lots of inexpensive Philadelphia houses for sale which could be ideal starter houses. On the pricier end, you will find properties in the mega-millions. Therefore, if you have the money to invest, unwind….the choices are infinite.

Philly has everything…

Be a part of American history and develop live and experience what America is all about.

Invest in Philadelphia property!


At Do The Ride was founded since 2015 provide real estate across in Philadelphia. We are very professional and provides high in-class real estate market in Philadelphia. Most of our business is based on referrals from past or existing clients and family and friends.


We always put our customer’s interests and work diligently to provide superior support. Our philosophy is simple, do the best we can for our customers and by doing this we will be rewarded with referrals.


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